JELLYNECK is a hard rock band, featuring elements of heavy metal, punk and rock all tied into one. This 4 piece includes: vocals, guitar, bass and drums. The band writes heavy songs that are groove based, aggressive and modern sounding. The band is based out of Seattle, WA and formed in 2001.

JELLYNECK plays live shows all over the NW, has completed a West Coast tour, shot a national infomercial for First Act music products, and continues to push the edge of what is expected and accepted by modern rock music fans.

JELLYNECK's 13 year discography is comprised of ...

Various demo CDs (now out of print)

Their 1st full length disc 2004's - "Playground Kingpin"

An EP in 2005 called - "Stik Pig" (now out of print)

Their 2nd full length disc 2007's - “Sugar For The Flies”

A 5-song EP in 2009 called - "W W JN D?" *

* mixed, mastered, and co-produced by Dudley Taft (Sweet Water/Second Coming), and the last record with singer - DJ Magana.

Internet single in 2012 called - "Black Goes?"

A 5-song EP in 2012 called - "Rise Of The"

A EP released on 03/14/14 called - "Fear The Mask"

Late 2011 was a dark time for JELLYNECK. Their singer of 8+ years had to part ways with the band, and a Christmas Eve fire ravaged their Everett band room destroying 10 years worth of musical equipment and irreplaceable memories. Never to be held down, the band rebuilt from the ground up starting with new equipment and a new singer - Jeff Nagel (formerly of "Be My Grave").

The band quickly jumped into one of Seattle's best new recording studios (Synergy Studios) wth acclaimed producer/engineer - Jason Shavey. They quickly released an internet single called "Black Goes", and then began to work on a 5-song EP called "Rise Of The" which was released in 2012!

The band supported "Rise Of The" until they began writing again in early 2013. They had hoped to get on a regular cadence of releasing a 5-song EP each year, and were on track when singer Jeff Nagel was struck with vocal cord cysts as the band moved to track vocals on the new EP. Jeff had successful surgery and after a 4 month recovery period - finished tracking in late 2013 (again at Synergy Studios, wth acclaimed producer/engineer - Jason Shavey). The new EP - "Fear The Mask" - features 5 more tracks of killer hard rock!

JELLYNECK live shows leave no stone unturned and no threshold unpenetrated! The band utilizes every inch of stage, leaving a lasting impression on it’s fans, friends and business partners. It's a high energy, showcase performance not to be missed!

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